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TIBBS-puzzle1TIBBS stands for Training Initiatives in Biomedical and Biological Sciences. Since 2006, TIBBS has been providing workshops and trainings to give students a full and rewarding graduate school experience and to prepare them for a satisfying career. In 2014 TIBBS expanded significantly thanks to a 5-year, $1.8 million grant from the NIH known as the BEST Award, which stands for Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training. UNC was one of only 7 universities that received one of these awards in 2014. The new funds have helped provide immersive training opportunities for a wide array of careers in addition to preparation for the traditional academic research track. This initiative was appropriately named Immersion Program to Advance Career Training, or ImPACT. The BEST Award has allowed TIBBS to expand offerings for trainees, providing innovative career exploration, training, and experiential learning opportunities at UNC as part of 17 schools funded nationwide to help prepare trainees for fulfilling and exciting careers.

Learn more about how you can take advantage of these great resources, including Career Cohorts, Career Workshops, ImPACT Internships, and Core Competencies, by visiting their website.

Learn more about what is being offered by TIBBS and other BEST Award program awardees nationally with the aim of “Supporting the Biomedical Research Workforce,” made possible by the support of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) at the BEST Award website.